Sister Program

One of our primary goals for Keystone Classic is to facilitate the growth of women’s ultimate.  In the past, our efforts have been centered upon the club and college divisions, and for the second time, we will be hosting a high school girls’ division.  Last year, we went to some of our friends who are among the most active youth organizers in the country (Lindsey Hack, Meredith Tosta, Miranda Roth, and Josh Seamon to name a few), and Miranda came up with the innovative idea of pairing up each high school team with a college team at the tournament.

We see this as an opportunity to give high school teams a college team to serve as their role model and mentor.  We hope that high school players will find college players to emulate their game after, and we also hope to push these college players to invest in the next generation of ultimate players and spend a few moments offering support and encouragement to the next crop of superstars.  We also think that this will be a FUN addition to the tournament and will be scheduling high school and college games side-by-side in order to encourage interaction between the two divisions.  We will be working with the teams selected for the “sister program” to facilitate communication and interaction before, during, and after the event.  Based upon the feedback we received from last year’s Sister Program, we’re very excited to be bringing the Sister Program back in 2012!