Division I
1. Northeastern University Valkyries*
2. Ohio State University Fever*
3. Swarthmore College Warmothers
4. University of Wisconsin Bella Donna*
5. Penn State University Isis*
6. Middlebury College Lady Pranksters*
7. University of Ottawa Lady Gee-Gees*
8. Dartmouth College Princess Layout*
9. Tufts University Ewo*
10. University of Pittsburgh Danger*
11. Smith College LunaDisc*
12. University of Pennsylvania Venus*

College Women’s Division II
1. RPI A Team Called Wanda

2. Franklin and Marshall College Code Blue*
3. Ithaca College Kweezy*
4. George Washington University Hungry Hungry Hippos*
5. New York University Violet Femmes*
6. Carnegie Mellon University Money Mellons*
7. Johns Hopkins University Blue Footed Boobies*
8. Towson University Hammertime*
9. Dickinson College Jive Turkeys*
10. Allegheny College Saucy Wenches*
11. Cornell University Wild Roses*
12. St. Mary’s College of Maryland SMUT*
13. University of Delaware Sideshow*
14. Haverford / Bryn Mawr Sneetches*
15. Boston College Flix*
16. University of Vermont Ruckus
17.  Oberlin College Preying Manti*
18. University of Rochester EZs*
19. Rutgers University Nightshade
20. Case Western Reserve University Fighting Gobies*

B Team Division
1. Northeastern University Valkyries B*
2. University of Delaware Sideshow B*
3. University of Pennsylvania Venus B*
4. Haverford / Bryn Mawr Sneetches B*
5. Boston College Flix B*
6. Beacon High School Blue Demons*
7. Pittsburgh Allerdice High School*
8. University of Vermont Ruckus B 

Waiting List
1. SUNY-Buffalo The Lorax
2. Maryland Helpful Corn B
3. Cornell University Thorny Roses
4. Brandeis University Banshee
5. Indiana University of PA Irukandji 

* denotes that bid check has been received