2011 Teams

High School Girls’ Division
1. Radnor High School*
2. Cardinal O’Hara High School*
3. Pennsbury High School
4. Pittsburgh Allerdice High School*
5. Stuyvesant High School Sticky Fingers*
6. Mt. Lebanon High School*
7. Oakland Catholic High School*
8. Columbia High School Sparkle Motion*

College Women’s Division I
1. Penn State University Isis*
2. Cornell University Wild Roses*
3. University of Pittsburgh Danger*
4. University of Pennsylvania Venus*
5. University of Ottawa Lady Gee Gees*
6. Yale University Ramona*
7. Tufts University Ewo*
8. University of Maryland Helpful Corn*
9. Middlebury College Pranksters*
10. Northeastern University Valkyries*
11. Ohio State University Fever*
12. New York University Violet Femmes*

College Women’s Division II
1. Cornell University Thorny Roses*

2. Towson University Hammertime*
3. Messiah College Mastodon Revolution*
4. University of Pennsylvania Venus-B*
5. Brandeis University Banshees*
6. TCNJ Anarchy*
7. RPI A Team Called Wanda*
8. Penn State University Isis-B*
9. Dickinson College Jive Turkeys*
10. University of Rochester EZ Women*
11. Rutgers Nightshade*
12. Rice University Miss Red*
13. Bucknell University Peacefrogs*
14. Shippensburg Belleweathers*
15. Swarthmore College Warmothers*
16. University of Delaware Sideshow*
17. Smith College Luna Disc*
18. American University Dirty Ladies*
19. Northeastern University Valkyries-B*

Submitted Bids
1. University of Maryland Helpful Corn-B
2. Edinboro University Shaggus
3. Tufts University Ewo-B
4. Beacon High School Blue Demons
5. Andover High School Golden Gophers
6. Carnegie Mellon University Money Mellons
7. Gettysburg College Chickpeas
8. George Washington University Hungry Hippos
9. University of Delaware Sideshow-B
10. Brown University Disco Inferno
11. Michigan State University Infamous
12. University of Richmond Redhots
13. Catholic University Women’s Ultimate
14. Rowan University Hoot
15. Rochester Institute of Technology Sweet Potatoes
16. Oberlin College Preying Manti

* denotes bid check has been received